2021 AZEVN Bites

2021 AZEVN Bites

@ Online
May 15, 2021
Number of Delegates: 75
Money Raised for Charity: £600

Due to the continuing restrictions that were in place during the Spring of 2021, the decision was made to cancel the normal AZEVN In-Person Conference and hold a virtual online alternative that was named AZEVN Bites.

AZEVN Bites was free to attend and was only open to AZEVN Members.

For the first time, Raffle Tickets were sold online through the AZEVN Website to raise money for our chosen charity, Wildlife Vets International (WVI).

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AZEVN Bites Presentations

In the section below are all of the presentations that were part of the 2021 AZEVN Bites Event.

DISCLAIMER – The views and opinions expressed in the presentations made at the 2021 AZEVN Bites Event are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the AZEVN.

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AZEVN 2021 Thank You Video

The video below was composed by the AZEVN and was shown for the first time at the 2021 AZEVN Bites Event and highlighted the great work being done by all VNs during a very tough year by always putting their patients first, despite the impact that COVID had on the Veterinary World.

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Behind The Scenes

The AZEVN Team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to pull together the 2021 AZEVN Bites Event and came together at West Midlands Safari Park (after testing negative for COVID!) to host the event here are some behind-the-scenes shots.