AZEVN Speaker Hints & Tips

AZEVN Speaker Hints & Tips

Firstly on behalf of the Association of Zoo & Exotic Veterinary Nurses (AZEVN), we would like to thank you for considering participating as a speaker at an upcoming AZEVN Event.

Whether you are an experienced presenter or looking to speak for the first time, we have put together the following hints and tips to ensure that your AZEVN Speaker Experience is as rewarding as it can be..!!

Creating Your AZEVN Presentation

Ensure that your lecture is prepared well in advance as this will allow you time to practice and edit it if it is needed
It really does makes it easier to present if you are very familiar with your lecture and subject.

Try to keep your font, layout and slide formatting the same throughout your lecture; try not to use too many animations as they tend to be distracting for delegates.

Make sure your lecture is factually correct and wherever possible, try to reference facts to give your presentation more credibility and professionalism.  A reference list can go in your abstract or your last slide and always leave it up long enough for people to snap a picture on their phones.

It’s important to not present somebody else’s work without acknowledging them appropriately; if the work has been published, you need to mention it in your lecture as without doing, this would be plagiarism. 

To help vary the content of your presentation, it is sometimes nice to include a short video clip or two in a presentation.  If you planning to include any videos, make sure they are embedding correctly and will work ok during your AZEVN Talk.
If you are concerned about the embedding of your videos, ask one of the AZEVN Team to test them at your AZEVN Event before you present.

Don’t be afraid of asking friends who are not VN’s or family to look over your presentation so they can check the grammar and spelling, as alongside looking unprofessional, mistakes will put you off if you spot them whilst you’re giving your lecture.

Before Your AZEVN Talk

Make sure that you rehearse your presentation and that you can complete it within the time you have been allocated; it is not possible to allow AZEVN Speakers to run over their allotted time.

Make brief notes (a paragraph or bullet point per slide) as opposed to simply reading directly from your slides.
From a delegate perspective, it’s always nice if the presenter does not just read their slides and is able to engage with the audience.

On The Day Of Your AZEVN Talk

Make sure that you know what time you are presenting, so that you are ready.

Find our who is chairing your session as if you encounter any issues during your talk, the chairperson is there is help and support you.

We would also suggest discussing with your chairperson how you would like to be told when you’re coming to the end of your allotted time and sometimes in a longer lecture, it’s also nice to know when your half way through your time.

Have a glass of water close to hand, just in case you get a dry throat, but also if you get lost in your talk, you can have a drink while you regain your composure.

When presenting, speak loudly and to the room, look at the delegates, but avoid direct eye contact by looking slightly above the delegate’s heads.  Often when we are nervous we speak too fast, so try and speak at a normal pace like you would if you’re speaking to friend or family member.

Don’t worry or panic, everyone gets nervous, but at the AZEVN you are presenting to a room of fellow veterinary nurses, who will be very supportive.. Breath, relax and enjoy it!!

And finally…Be Proud!!  It’s a great thing to give a lecture at an AZEVN Event and by sharing your knowledge and experiences with fellow professionals, it will improve the care and welfare of our patients.

If you have any further questions about becoming an AZEVN Speaker, then don’t hesitate to contact the AZEVN Team. If you would like to apply to become an AZEVN Speaker at an upcoming event, please click on the button below to be taken to the AZEVN Speaker Application Page.

Our next AZEVN Event

2023 AZEVN Conference

@ Spring Grove House, West Midlands Safari Park
May 13, 2023
& May 14, 2023
2023 AZEVN Conference
Keynote Speaker:
Anne Mcbride BSc, PhD, Cert. Cons & Ecol, ABTC-CAB
Keynote Subject:
"Being Small"

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