AZEVN Speaker Guidelines

AZEVN Speaker Guidelines

Firstly on behalf of the Association of Zoo & Exotic Veterinary Nurses (AZEVN), we would like to thank you for considering participating as a speaker at an upcoming AZEVN Event.

To ensure that you have everything that you need at this stage, please take a look through the following information which should help you understand further what being an AZEVN Speaker will involve.

If you already have agreed to be a speaker at an AZEVN Event, then please take a look at your specific event below and the deadlines for when your speaker information and presentation is required.

General AZEVN Speaker Guidelines

Whenever you are e-mailing the AZEVN with either general correspondence or questions regarding your deadlines, please ensure that the subject of your e-mail has the word “SPEAKER INFO” at the beginning.

As l am sure you can appreciate, the organisation of an AZEVN Event takes many days, weeks and months of planning and we would please ask for your help to ensure that all event deadlines are adhered to.

When preparing and composing your presentation, please ensure that all information within your presentation is factually correct. If you are unsure, then please get in touch with the AZEVN Team.

When preparing and composing your presentation, please ensure that all information within your presentation is your own work. The AZEVN reserves the right to reject any lectures if suspected of plagiarism.

Any quotes within your presentation should be referenced wherever possible.

Please ensure that all media within your presentation is embedded correctly and tested prior to your AZEVN Event.

To help with the timing of your presentation, please ensure that you practice your presentation in advance and makes any changes where needed as all sessions will run to time at your AZEVN Event.

Any remote presentations must be pre-recorded to provide a back up in case of any technological issues on the day that would prevent a live presentation.

Submission Deadlines

Our next AZEVN Event

2023 AZEVN Conference

@ Spring Grove House, West Midlands Safari Park
May 13, 2023
& May 14, 2023
2023 AZEVN Conference
Keynote Speaker:
Anne Mcbride BSc, PhD, Cert. Cons & Ecol, ABTC-CAB
Keynote Subject:
"Being Small"

Meet the AZEVN Team

The AZEVN is run by AZEVN is run by a committee of elected volunteers, all RVNs. These volunteer workers work tirelessly to ensure the AZEVN runs smoothly every day. Learn about AZEVN’s Team and the RVNs who work there.